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Twitter Mass Direct Messaging Service

利用 2022 年最有效的营销方法来提高您的销售额!

twitter mass dm


At the beginning of the process we’ll help you find you target market for your services or products. Then, we’ll scrape them based on your instructions.


After scraping your audience we will send them a custom message base on your request. It should contain a strong incentive and clear call to action.

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在抓取受众并创建自定义消息后,我们将开始批量发送消息。 您应该开始看到活动,如果定位正确,您将收到潜在客户的消息并有机增长。 在流程结束时,我们将向您发送已发送消息数量的证明。


We can send millions of DMs on Twitter in a day. With this powerful tool it’s possible to increase the exposure of your brand dramatically and achieve your goals!

instagram mass dm


With Twitter Mass DM you can drive traffic to your NFT or eCommerce store to attract new leads and to increase sales!

instagram mass dm


Organic growth on Twitter has been very difficult in the past few years. With our Mass DM service you can achieve organic growth without risking your account by exposing your account to millions of Twitter users. The messages are being sent from other accounts than yours so Twitter can’t punish you.

twitter mass direct messages

We’ll send messages from our Twitter accounts to promote your main account. It’s very similar to mother & child method.

由于每个广告系列的结果都不同,因此无法估计您的结果。 有很多变量,如目标受众、利基、信息、产品/服务、您的内容等。

推广他的披萨店的人不会获得与 NFT 项目相同的结果。

推广 NFT 并以@nft 追随者为目标的人如果以@nft.money 追随者为目标,将会得到不同的结果。

因此,只有在通过 A/B 测试尝试不同的活动之后才能建立统计数据。 

We’ll scrap your target audience based on your request. We can scrap followers of any account that you with (as long as it’s public)


  1. 我会在开始时发送屏幕截图
  2. 我将在我的软件上发送我已向其发送消息的帐户数量的屏幕截图
  3. 我会发送我联系过的人的名单
    4. 刮掉你问过的听众的证据

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