Twitter Mass Direct Messaging Service

Leveraging our direct messaging feature, you can send personalized and targeted messages to a large number of users simultaneously, maximizing your reach and impact.

With Twitter Mass Direct Messaging Service, you can effortlessly reach a large number of Twitter users through direct messages, leveraging the power of personalized and targeted communication. 

Try now the most effective marketing method to boost sales in 2023!

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We'll assist you in identifying your ideal target market for your products or services. Once we have identified your target audience, we will gather their information according to your instructions.

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Our next step is to send a personalized message to your audience based on your request. This message will include a compelling incentive and a clear call to action.

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We will start sending the direct messages in large batches. You will notice increased activity, and if the targeting was accurate, you'll receive direct messages from potential customers, fostering organic growth. Finally, we will provide you with evidence of the number of direct messages sent, giving you a clear overview of the campaign's reach.

instagram bulk dms


Experience a dramatic increase in brand exposure and achieve your goals like never before! Unlock the potential of your brand with our powerful tool that can send millions of direct messages on Twitter within a single day.

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Drive targeted traffic to your NFT or eCommerce store with Twitter Mass DM. Attract new leads and boost sales like never before! Experience the power of direct messaging to take your business to new heights!

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Experience effortless organic growth on Twitter with our Mass DM service. Say goodbye to the challenges of building your account and reach millions of Twitter users without any risk to your own account. Our messages are sent from separate accounts, ensuring your account remains safe from any potential penalties by Twitter. Unlock accelerated and worry-free organic growth today!

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We will promote your main Twitter account by sending messages from our own Twitter accounts. This method is similar to the “mother and child” approach, ensuring effective promotion and increased visibility for your account.

Results vary for each campaign, and it is difficult to provide a precise estimate. Many factors influence outcomes, such as your target audience, niche, message, product or service, and your content.

For example, a pizza shop promoting itself will have different results compared to an NFT project. Even within the NFT space, targeting different follower accounts like @nft and will yield diverse results. Therefore, statistics can only be built through A/B testing and experimenting with different campaigns.

We will gather your desired target audience as per your request. We have the ability to extract followers from any public account you specify.

You can expect the following proofs from us:

  1. Starting Confirmation: I will send you a screenshot as soon as I begin the process.
  2. DM Delivery Summary: I will provide a screenshot showing the number of accounts to which I have sent the direct messages using my software.
  3. Contact List: I will share the list of individuals I have contacted through the campaign.
  4. Audience Scraping Proof: I will provide evidence of the audience scraping process as per your request.

We are actively seeking serious partners. For more information, please reach out to us by sending a message on Telegram. We look forward to discussing further details with you!