Telegram Mass Direct Messaging Service

Introducing our Telegram Mass Direct Messaging Service – the most effective marketing method to boost sales in 2023 and beyong!

Get a powerful solution to reach a wide audience and drive sales like never before. With our service, you can effortlessly connect with your target customers on Telegram,  and send personalized and targeted messages to a large number of users simultaneously, maximizing your reach and impact.

telegram mass dm
instagram bulk dms


At the start of the process, we will help you find your target market, extract their information based on your specifications, and extract data from private Telegram groups.

instagram bulk messages


Once we have scraped your audience, we will send them a personalized message according to your request. The message will include a compelling incentive and a clear call to action. You can also include a Telegram URL in your message.

bulk messages instagram

Mensagens diretas

We will now begin sending the direct messages in batches. You will start seeing activity, and if the targeting was accurate, you will receive direct messages from potential customers, leading to organic growth. At the end of the process, we will provide you with proof of the number of direct messages sent.

instagram bulk dms


Supercharge your brand exposure and achieve your goals with our powerful tool capable of sending millions of direct messages in just one day. Take your brand to new heights with unparalleled reach and make a significant impact!

bulk messages instagram


Boost traffic to your NFT or eCommerce store and attract new leads while skyrocketing your sales with Telegram Mass DM. Experience the power of targeted messaging and unlock unprecedented growth opportunities!

instagram bulk messages


Say goodbye to the challenges of growing your account and reach thousands of targeted Telegram users without any risk. Our messages are sent from separate accounts, ensuring your account remains safe from any potential penalties by Telegram. Experience worry-free and accelerated organic growth today!

Telegram Mass DM

Promote your main Telegram account effortlessly with our service. We’ll send messages from our own Telegram accounts, using a strategy similar to the mother and child method. Watch your account visibility soar with this effective promotional approach!

Results can vary greatly for each campaign, making it impossible to provide an exact estimate. Multiple factors such as target audience, niche, message, product/service, and your content contribute to the outcomes. Embrace the uniqueness of each campaign and expect diverse results based on these variables.

We will gather your desired target audience according to your specifications. Our service includes the ability to extract information from private groups on Telegram.

We’re seeking committed partners! For more information, reach out to us via Telegram by sending a message. Let’s explore opportunities together!