Instagram Mass Direct Messaging Service

Boost your sales by utilizing the most effective marketing method in 2023!

instagram mass dm services
instagram bulk dms


At the beginning of the process we’ll help you find you target market for your services or products. Then, we’ll scrape them based on your instructions. After that we’ll use filters to remove the account that we’ve sent to them a DM in the past or own followers.

instagram bulk messages


After scraping your audience we will send them a custom message base on your request. It should contain a strong incentive and clear call to action. Also, you can attach a URL of Instagram post to your message.

bulk messages instagram


After scraping the audience and creating a custom message we’ll start sending the DMs in bulks. You should start to see the activity and if the targeting was right you will get DMs for potential customers and grow organically. At the end of the process we will send you a proof of the number of DMs sent.

instagram bulk dms


We can send millions of DMs in a day. With this powerful tool it’s possible to increase the exposure of your brand dramatically and achieve your goals!

bulk messages instagram


With Mass DM you can drive traffic to your eCommerce store and by that increase sales or either send them to your main Instagram account to get new leads!

instagram bulk messages


Organic growth on Instagram has been very difficult in the past few years. With our Mass DM service you can achieve organic growth without risking your account by exposing your account to millions of Instagram users. The messages are being sent from other accounts than yours so Instagram can’t punish you.

instagram mass dm service

We’ll send messages from our Instagram accounts to promote your main account. It’s very similar to mother & child method.

It’s impossible to estimate what will be your results as it’s different on every campaign. There are a lot of variables like target audience, niche, message, product/service, your content etc.

Someone who’s promoting his Pizza shop won’t have the same results as NFT Project will have.

Someone who’s promoting an NFT and target @nft followers will have different results if he will target followers.

Therefore, it’s impossible to build statistics, only after trying different campaigns with A/B testing. 

We’ll scrap your target audience based on your request. We can scrap followers, hashtags, location, likers etc.

  1. Make sure to target sources that are super related to your niche. For example: Followers of your competitors, Likers of your competitors, hashtags in the same niche or either people who have posted in a certain location (recommended if your audience are random people that live in a specific location)
  2.  Make sure that the accounts you target their followers/likers have good engagement rate to make sure we’re targeting good source (amount of likes divided by the amount of followers)
  3. If you wish we can use filters to improve the list such as the users have posted a post in the last 3 months, has profiled picture, business account, at least 100 followers etc. (It will make the process slower as filtering takes time). You will need to provide us sources with at least 5x more than the amount you’ve purchased.
  4.  Your account appearance is crucial, make sure to add posts, text in the bio, profile picture etc. Also, add some fake followers and likes to make the page look more legit and not a fresh one (if you need help with that let me know).

The proofs I’ll provide:

  1. I’ll send a screenshot when I start
  2. I’ll send a screenshot of the amount of the accounts I’ve sent the DM to on my software
  3. I’ll send the list of people I’ve contacted
    4. Proof for scraping the audience that you’ve asked

We’re looking for serious partners, please send us a message on Telegram for further details.